The future of power

How will the future power look? During this journey through time we have seen that evolution is a keyword in human life. Since the earliest footsteps of the beings that we call humanoids there has been evolution.

 In our biological structure, the brain has grown, we are much taller now and so on, but the most remarkable evolution is our social and inventive evolution.

 And we can see it so clearly, it is not to deny regardless what our other opinions might be. And if itís God or not who is responsible for evolution, who knows, that is something neither of us can prove nor disprove itís up to each individual to chose their opinion. 

So with this in mind, evolution is an integrated part of life, how will then the concept of power as I shown you here, evolve? 

That itís not an easy question to answer, but I have thought a lot about it and this is my vision of power in the future.

 As I have tried to demonstrate thru this book, real power is useful power, power that benefits all the people on this small planet, far far away in the galaxy.

 So the future will show us men and women who will focus their energy on first and most important, education.

 Education is a keyword, because if you donít know anything, everything I say might be true, how would you know, you donít know anything. That is the worst scenario; a population that is uneducated is so vulnerable for abuse, suppression and misguidance.

 To be educated means that you are able to see the world and understand it. You are not an easy prey for the predators out there. Yes, predators, there will always be predators out there. And if I had the power, I would try my very best to protect you from the predators.

 For an example, to be a victim of some con artist, that can be everything from embarrassing to total disaster. And the only reason you become a victim to this con artist is that your education is not good enough.

 Because when you have the right education you will not fall for the argument that is presented, you will see thru it and expose the fraud. 

That goes thru all life, if you have education life will be easier and mankind can march on, together as it is supposed to be. 

Itís naive to think that we can leave someone behind, because we can not, we are in this great adventure together, like it or not.

 I used to be an elitist, when I was young in school, everything was so easy for me, I never did my homework, because I didnít need to, it was enough to attend class to make a decent degree.

 But life has thought me, the hard way, that you can forget this thinking that you are better than the rest. Because you are only better in one specific area, it doesnít matter how brilliant you are, there will always be one that are better in something else. You can not be best in everything; we all have our specialty, thatís a fact not to be challenged.

 So you see me point, everybody is needed to make the picture complete. Maybe we could say that it is like a jigsaw puzzle, if you throw away the pieces you donít like, the picture will never be complete.

 Same with us humans, without everyone, the picture will not be complete. You remember what Hitler tried to do, he wanted to get rid of the people that he considered ďinferiorĒ, the ones that were not productive or had ďbadĒ genes. 

How crazy was that, it really shows that he hasnít understood anything about the laws of life. If you go in to the rainforest and say, I like this and this, but those ugly trees, you have to remove them, you have to do it now. 

How would that affect the forest? It would of course die, but even if you went in there and said, please remove that little ugly bug, that would have some effect.

 Maybe the rainforest wouldnít perish and die, but you must understand that everything is in balance in the rainforest, this balance has evolved for a very long time, you canít just go in there and randomly change things, and it will definitively affect the entire system.rainforest

 That is what balance is all about, when everybody has found there place and donít move around at free will.

 We are the rainforest, we people are the same. If you take one part away, it will affect the whole system, donít you think for a second that this is not the truth.

 So if you can not dispose any part of the human kaleidoscope you better make sure that everyone is educated and equipped for the next step on the this journey.

So that power is necessary if you want to be a powerhouse of the future, but that is just the first part of it.

 We live on quite small planet, not in the center of this galaxy, the Milky Way; this means that we are, for the moment, limited to the resources that are available on this planet.

 So with an ever increasing population, today six billion, tomorrow maybe twenty billion, we canít ignore that fact and if we continue like this, there will be no more raw materials to produce from. 

That is a nightmare for a capitalist, because his main occupation is manufacturing goods for the consuming market, but if there is no raw material, bye bye profit, bye bye everything that we used to call modern civilization.

 You can see the picture, there has to be someone that has the power to start the revolution of recycling everything, and I mean everything, and now Iím not talking about empty bottles and newspapers, now we are talking about everything, absolutely everything that ever leaves the Mother Nature most be harvested one more time, and again and again. 

Our future power must realize that, without this, we are not going to make in to the next phase of human development, the transuniversell phase, we will exploit the earth until its last resource and then we are just another strain of evolution that went wrong.

 We donít want that to happen, we want to move on, say yes, say yes, I heard it loud an clear, you sad yes, I want to be a part of humankind that evolves to be transuniversell beings.

 You know perfectly well what I mean with this, but to avoid any misunderstanding, this is the period when we will come in contact with the rest of the universe.

Evolution was the theme for this journey and now we are facing the unavoidable step on the way that many people find a little scary.

 But why should it be, and if we canít avoid it, better to embrace it.

 Let me explain it like this, we are not alone in this endless universe, to think that is to deny reality.

 Itís a old way of thinking, and in the coming future there will be no place for this thinking any more.

 It was not long ago when mankind thought that our planet earth was the center of universe, but scientist, wise men in different cultures realized that this was not true.

 We are one planet of many, and to think that our sun is the only star with a planet system in the entire universe is in my opinion a bit narrow-minded. 

If you try to deny this, then you are back in the old thinking that we are the center of the universe, that we are the only ones. 

But we are not, evolution of life continues all the time everywhere, and life has an amazing ability to adapt and to any possible shape. 

So the power of the future will make it possible for us to take the step into space, to make the transition from earth bound humans to a new breed that will follow us, as we are the ancestor to earlier stages of development, like Neanderthal man, we as homo sapiens will be succeeded by the next evolutionary step.

 Unless we donít find these powerful people that can lead us into the our bright future of course. You can see danger that lies ahead, with overpopulation, raw material being exhausted, pollution, no fish in the ocean, world hunger and ultimately the downfall of our civilization.

 But history shows us that there are always two ways to go, the good one and the bad one and there is always a powerful person that is ahead, taking the necessary initiative.

 That is the power I want to see in future, a mixture of all this people that we have looked on in this book.

 Mould all together in one person, and hopefully with a dominant factor as Emperor Ashoka's ďDharmaĒ, respect for all living thing.

 How could that go wrong?

But if they speak about power, how come there is no woman, Sylvia we a little bit disappointed over this fact, but Margaret put her on the track again, it's about the title, the most powerful man, I wonder how all these people were, all those powerful men, but what is that to female power, Margaret laughed and looked on Sylvia, what do they know, men.