The question always fascinated me and I believe that most people all over the world some time in their lives maybe had the same thought. So finally I started this little project to once and for all find an answer to this very interesting question, who is the most powerful man that ever lived on this planet throughout history until today.


There are many candidates as you can

understand, it has taken me a long time to sort them out. It has been a really interesting journey thru the time and space to get

acquainted with all these kings, emperors, dictators and rulers.


As always, there can only be one winner and to find the right man, I had to spend a considerable time to think about the subject, power.


What is power? Itís not that easy to say, of course you can make it easy for yourself, power is to be strongest and thatís it.


But no no, you understand that this is not the power we are looking for her, now we are looking for real power.


Power to dominate, to win, to change, to create, to kill, to rule, to build, to organize and not least, to stay alive.


Because most of the contenders are from times when you really had to be a survivor to stay a live, there where always people trying to take over the power. Relatives, neighboring kings, your closest minister or someone else with ambition for power.


So you see that power is a complex concept with many different angles, and there is one more aspect not to forget, positive power and negative power. All these factors will be included when I finally declare the most powerful man ever to have lived on this planet.


And in the end I will share some thoughts about the most powerful man of the future, what he will be like and how he will exercise his power in the best way to benefit humanity.


Thatís a very interesting question because as we will see in this book, all these powerful men have one thing in common and that is that all their power affected the rest of us, there where wars, taxes, buildings, laws and all what they did, it affected us all. So tomorrows most powerful man will certainly be of interest for us all.


How will he affect our lives. Surely an interesting question that I might have the answer to.


Because we have to realize that the concept of power has evolved together with mankind. In the early beginning of our evolution power was a much simpler concept, where physical strength was perhaps the only power to be had, but as mankind evolves, we can see how the concepts grows, from the hunting and gathering stage, where we have to start to think a little bit, to learn, to make plans and it goes on to the early settlements, where we must organize and the physical strength begin too loose its position as the number one power trip.

And in today's society physical strength has nothing to do with real power, no itís only intelligence thatís on the table.


Or perhaps should I say brain skills, because there are so many things that you need today to be really powerful. You must be able to communicate, have visions, have the courage to embark on projects that will surprise your competitors, yes your competitors, because there will always be a fierce fight for the ultimate power.


The fight is as intense today as it always has been, itís just different methods and a different kind of power today. Economic power is today's ultimate power.


But in the end, maybe itís the same power as always, the power to control other, to be the master of so many as possible.


And maybe there will be one absolute master of the entire planet, one day in the future, I personally believe that, the fight will go on until that moment comes when somebody has the total economic power of the entire planet.


I believe that is like a law of nature and that the struggle for ultimate power is eternal, that it is a part of life, as every plant and animal is always struggling for the best position, the best habitat, they fight all time, relentless, thatís the word for what is going on.


To get a place in the sun, not to be in the shadow, always have something to eat. That is power, to continue to live, and in the best possible conditions, the struggle will go on for ever.


And are we not a part of nature, we sometimes tend to think that we are distant from nature and not really a part of it anymore.      

We humans think that we are so smart and inventive.


But thatís a little bit naive, is it not? Of course we participate on the same condition as everybody else here in the great game of life,


So we can not ignore the rules of life, instead we can study life and try to understand the way it works and by doing that we can improve our own life's.


So as I said in the beginning power is a concept with many angles, but for to find the most powerful man ever, we must concentrate on some qualities, otherwise this will be an impossible task


So we are talking political power, ruling power, conquering power and of course personal power, how was he as a man, all this qualities will be presented, shortly together with concentrated view about their achievements .


And itís also important to realize that you can not compare directly over the ages, we have to make considerations and evaluate each person and the impact they had on their time.


So Iím going to present the contenders for the title, There will be ten major contenders and ten more, very interesting ones that did not make the top ten list.


So letís go to the to first contender for the title, most powerful man in history.


First I will start to introduce some strong contenders that were close to make it to the top ten, but for different reasons didnít make it.


Because when it comes to power, you really have to define what you are looking for. So let's go on and find the contenders.