Thaksin Shinawatra

I thought a little bit of this and as contrast to all this historical men that I have presented, I want to give you a short view of what today's powerful men could look like.

Thaksin Shinawatra is the prime minister of Thailand, which is not the power position we are looking for, there are prime ministers all over the world and they are all much the same.

 No this man has something else, so lets have a look, he is born 1949 in the northern city of Chiang Mai and his parents had a silk industry. And they had been successful and were looking into other business opportunities, such as Movie Theater and buses.​

So he is well of, but not in an extreme way, and he doesnt start with business as one might think, with his background.

Instead he goes to the police academy and he is a top graduate. Later he goes to USA for further education in that field.

Back in Thailand he worked in the police department for fourteen years before he thought it was enough.

After that he ended up in the telecommunication industry and he also went into the computer area. He ended up selling computer software to his former employers, the police department.

 He was lucky to go in this business just as it was booming and he had ideas and he had guts so his company grows immensely and today he is the richest man In Thailand.

 Now the interesting parts come, he is rich beyond imagination, and still he goes into politics, you might wonder why. He has all the power he needs when he controls his company.

 I have a strong feeling that this is more about wanting to do something for your country, than just more power.

And I have great respect for this, this is the way to use your power, when you are such a powerful man, you should do like Thaksin, take an active a part in improving your country.

 He had some different political assignments with different cabinets, but then he started his own party and he won in his first election.

That is also powerful, that you can persuade people to vote for you, the first time you run for office.

Of course there are many people who criticize him and there were soma accusations about corruption.

And a couple of years ago you could see his background as a police, he made a big clean up among drug dealers and I dont know the exact number about how that was killed, shot on the street, but there are estimations that 2500 drug dealers were killed in his first war on drugs.

Yes, there has been two more, not so violent but still he calls them wars on drugs.

 And I have to say that I understand him. Im a true believer in non violence, but at the same time Im a realist and if there is a problem that has to be solved, you have to do it.

And drugs in society are like a cancer in the body of society, not only because all the suffering the actual drug will bring to the users, there are all the other criminal activities that comes along with drug trafficking.

And at least he does something, he has the power to do something, you may criticize it, but until there is a better solution I have to admit that I like this man and his wars on drugs.

 Now we also have to remember Thailand is very different from USA and Europe, where those methods maybe wouldnt be the best solution.

But I wonder, I have lived a very, how to say, a very diversified life and I have seen a lot in my days, and to fight drugs and criminals, must be the number one priority in every society that wants to prosper and create a good life for their citizens.

 So thats why I think Thaksin Shinawatra is a good example of today's powerful man, he goes into politics, not for the money, he is already rich from his own power, no he wants to do something for his country and he is not afraid to do it, as so many other politicians who only thinks about the next election.

That is what this world needs more of, powerful people that wants to work for the good of everyone, to make this a better world.

Since I wrote this Thaksin was ousted by the military in Thailand and lives in exile in England.

So his power is diminished, but he bought himself a football cloud, Manchester City to comfort his bruised ego and I'm sure that he will be back, one day, men like Thaksin never give up.